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INFJs use it internally, while INTPs use it externally Because the INTP-A tends to be more focused on pursuing their goals, they may be more insulated at least early in life from existential concerns about truth and meaning
I usually set up a numbering or naming system for files and I enjoy organizing things into categories INFJs and INTPs interact with people differently different order of Fe and Ti

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The typical stereotype and social expectation of what males and females should be can unconsciously affect the way you answer the MBTI questionnaires.

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Each MBTI type has its own unique function stack i
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the order of your cognitive preference
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Extraverted Feeling Fe• Others might therefore see the INTP-T as more fickle, unreliable, or short on staying power
Also, when I work, my folders are arranged in such a systematic and methodical manner that it can be sickening to some of the perceiving types like my brother Because assertiveness is in many respects a precursor to fame or worldly success, most well-known INTPs probably had an ample dose of it
Extraverted Feeling Fe INFJs and INTPs share the same judging functions Fe and Ti Extraverted Intuition Ne• If you want to learn how to love yourself as an INFJ, be sure to download my free eBook,

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We share the same silly, quirky humor and jokes.

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Conceived in this way, it is easier to see how some INTPs might be rightly described as assertive
Introverted Intuition Ni• They complement each other, especially when they mature later in life and develop their less preferred functions
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Introverted intuition Ni is a function that usually works in the background
INFJs and INTPs derive their insights differently Ni vs Ti When discovering your personality type, INFJs can be confused with INTPs because internally, INFJs think logically
We usually gather information with our extraverted functions and then we form a conclusion or interpretation of the event and the world based on the information we gathered He will read one book from an author and move on to the next author

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So as a type who prefers extraverted feeling Fe , I might come out with some reasons to explain my action so as to make the other person feel at ease.

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I have an INTP friend
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It works in the background most of the time
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In this post, I will offer my thoughts and observations on the INTP-T vs