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Cover Page Request: " resting luxuriously on a jellyfish bed" I hope you liked my theories im a die hard one piece fan soo😅
Remember Based on the spoilers, Zoro would cut Kaido using one of his attacks


— No chapter next week.

Chapter 1001
"One Piece" Chapter 1001 is set to drop on Jan
'One Piece' 1001 Unconfirmed Spoilers Reveal Zoro Doing An 'Oden' To Kaido
I'd say king cobra is likely dead, Sabo's been framed for it along with the failed attempt to assassinate Vivi, I don't think either of them have been caught by the government or any other enemy group but perhaps stranded or even lost for the moment unable to contact others
One Piece 1001
and are surprised to see his punch work and says that they might actually have a fighting chance
Luffy uses his to forsee Kaido's Raimei Hakke, but it moves too fast and Luffy still ends up getting hit, though he is able to stand this time, which Kaido admires The should be generally followed
When the Going Merry gets harmed destroyed, the Straw Hat Pirates procure another boat named the Thousand Sunny It's the Onigashima Raid, so Kaido is the main boss BM needs to be CC'd like how Jinbe and Robin did earlier

Chapter 1001


One Piece (HQ) 1001
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One Piece (HQ) 1001
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Chapter 1001
Fan-edited filler-free arcs• Kin'mon is likely to die though I really hope not, out of all the Samurai from the 9 scabbards he's my favorite
Anything too explicit but not necessarily hentai may also be removed She will either flip sides temporarily aligning with Luffy to vanish Kiado from Wano or leave for some emergency like Black Beard raiding Tottoland and defeating Katergiri but I doubt the latter since Black beard will end up fighting with Dragon over the Sabo business
Kidd has destructive power, luffy has haki, Zoro has enma and haki, law has powerful devil fruit Kaido laughs and calls the three of them monsters in their own right, as Luffy punches Kaido with Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun, and Kaido gets crushed by Kid's Punk Vise, and gets several rocks dropped on him by Law's Tact

'One Piece' 1001 Unconfirmed Spoilers Reveal Zoro Doing An 'Oden' To Kaido

It's time for Kaidou to get serious and treat these rookies as serious pirates.

'One Piece' 1001 Unconfirmed Spoilers Reveal Zoro Doing An 'Oden' To Kaido
Conquerors haki leaking out everywhere
One Piece
Does this mean that the Supernovas are no match against both Big Mom and Kaido? Use and to find the source
One Piece: Chapter 1001
Afterwards, Kaido transforms back into his and takes to the air to face the Supernovas alongside Big Mom on