Sony wh-1000xm4. Wireless Noise

You can wear the headphones for hours and not feel fatigued I love the look of this thing, stealth black with these copper accent
Sony may also swap its copper-clad aluminum voice coils for ones made of pure copper, which are lighter, more malleable, and less susceptible to electromagnetic interference than their aluminum counterparts It's such a gimmick, does not connect for no reason, keeps making me turn Bluetooth on and off, etc

Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones for Travel

You can ride a plane or walk through the Village Halloween parade with these babies on and not be distracted by environmental fracas.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II vs. Sony WH
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Speculation on Sony Wh 1000xm4 release : headphones
Both are remarkably effective and suited for different listening occasions, as Low tweaks the noise-cancelling levels in quieter or windy environments, while High takes it to the max and optimizes audio
any info on if/when the sony wh1000xm4’s are being released? : HeadphoneAdvice
Bose Connect and Sony Headphones Connect allow for adjusting the active noise-cancelling, auto-off timers and playback controls
Literally all of them have had something break on them in some way Not sure how this will go down with Sony's diehard fans since there is the opinion that Qualcomm is more of a premium chip and Mediatek less so
With voices in the public transport you hear a weird alien voice inside your head The Bose Connect app also does a better job of picking up connection signals

Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones for Travel

Bose' headphones surpass their advertised length in use, generating about 22 hours of playtime, which is surprising, but still shorter.

Sony WH
Personally, I suspect we are looking at a mid to late Spring 2020 announcement with availability about a month later
These Bose headphones use an eight-microphone system; six of which enable traditional noise cancellation so you can hear your music uninterrupted
Sony 1000XM4 Wishlist
Volume is low and voices sound even lower, making calls nearly inaudible
Live music recordings sound airy and immersive as well After just 2 months of use, after the repair, the left can blew out and no longer works
All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners I'm envious of apple for it's seamless connectivity

Speculation on Sony Wh 1000xm4 release : headphones

Wear all day in total comfort Super soft, pressure-relieving earpads in foamed urethane evenly distribute pressure and increase ear pad contact for a stable fit.

Sony WH
Two physical buttons are located below the touch panel, each assigned for listening modes and power
Bose QuietComfort 35 II vs. Sony WH
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Sony WH
These things are great with android and that's really what these are made for