عبارات عن اليوم الوطني بالانجليزي. عبارات عن اليوم الوطني بالانجليزي مع الترجمه

I hope your achievements get more and more! Let us honour every patriot, because without them, freedom would not have existed Independence does not come free; it demands a great cost
May God protect every inch of the• May the glory of this day be your inspiration for tomorrow! development and welfare• He loves his country best who strives to make it best• Imagen finding all people practicing sports daily! Life is like a white picture puzzle My homeland is flowing blood and my soul is for it

عبارات لليوم الوطني بالانجليزي

O our beloved country, we belong to you with pride, and carry your great name as a pretty crown on our heads• Do not get scared when your cat bites you while playing.

عبارات عن اليوم الوطني بالانجليزي
Think, work, and try! Life is not the opposite of death
عبارات عن اليوم الوطني بالانجليزي مع الترجمه
May we always remain independent
عبارات عن اليوم الوطني السعودي بالانجليزي
This memory passes on us every year to warm our hearts with happiness as the sun shines darkness• Life is short
Coffee is not only a drink! enjoying the freedom and empowering others too to let them do so We may never know how it feels like to live in a free country if it was not for the bravery of our fathers
Years and years of giving, and this country still gives its people the best it can You should carry it in your heart and let your actions speak for it

عبارات عن الوطن بالانجليزي وعبارات عن اليوم الوطني بالانجليزي

And it does not build you from the character of the nights, as if he lost loved ones and friends• You can open a heavy door with muscles.

عبارات عن اليوم الوطني السعودي بالانجليزي
I got really happy receiving your news! It does not matter who we are, what matters is our contribution to the betterment of the country
عبارات عن اليوم الوطني 91 السعودي بالانجليزي والعربي
My heart broke for your loss! In the National Day, we should all remember all the efforts in the country to keep us free, safe and proud to live on this great land
عبارات لليوم الوطني بالانجليزي
This day is a day of pride for every Saudi