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Question 4: Do I have to pay fees for SABB Mobile services? You can receive these documents by visiting any SABB branch Question 12: Do I have to present guarantees for loans? You can benefit from your ICSABB points by visiting stores participating in the programme and redeem points for purchases from the salesperson via the ICSABB points machines available
Question 7: What are SABBs working hours? Fill the and send it to us by one of the above communication channels When making a complaint, please include the following:• Important: This office cannot offer legal advice or interpret how the law may apply to a given situation We will make every effort to ensure that your problem will be resolved to your satisfaction

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Outside KSA• Yes, you can pay through the Utility Bills service on a SABB ATM.

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You can activate the Card through the auto-responder by pressing 4 after calling the number found on the back of the card
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Answer 6: The denominations accepted are: Fifty Riyals 50 , One Hundred Riyals 100 and Five Hundred Riyals 500
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Profits are calculated on a daily basis starting from the date of the transaction
Question 3: What is the expiry date for ICSABB points on my Credit Card? Question 12: How can I repay my SABB credit card through a SABB ATM? Answer 9: Yes, a SABB customer can benefit from the emergency cash withdrawal service, in addition to receiving help in opening an HSBC account abroad Question 2: Who is eligible to use SABB Mobile? Question 10: Do I have to transfer my salary to my account at SABB? Question 2: How long does it take for a foreign transfer to reach the beneficiary? You must visit the nearest SABB branch and fill in the application form to apply for a Supplementary Card for a family member
We will make every effort to ensure that your concerns are resolved to your satisfaction To make an internal transfer to a SABB customer via a SABB ATM you must enter the account number in the appropriate box

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To follow up on your complaint, you can call the toll-free number for complaints using the reference number sent to you in an SMS.

Credit Advisory• With SABB Mobile, you can make transfers in Saudi Riyals and foreign currencies - transferring between your SABB accounts and other accounts at local or foreign banks
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You can only deposit Saudi Riyals in the cash deposit machines
Box 9084 Riyadh 11413• Yes you can
Question 3: I have a home loan and wish to receive copies of the house lease and authorisation from the Bank? Answer 8: You can add beneficiaries through the SABBNET service or by visiting any of our branches SABB Direct:• Visit the nearest SABB branch
Outside KSA• You can access your Card statements through SABBNET by selecting Statements and Advices Question 7: Can I request a home loan from SABB as a joint-account? SABB Head Office - P

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Yes, you can pay you SABB Credit Card bill through a SABB ATM.

For more information or inquiries about HSBC SA services, please contact us via the following: Address 7267 Olaya - AlMurooj Riyadh 12283-2255 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Phone 920022688, Fax: 00966 11 299 2385 Email Address saudiarabia hsbcsa
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Question 4: How can I pay my loan early? Sabb
Can I use SABB Mobile? Answer 3: Yes, SABB clients can donate to certified charities through a SABB ATM