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Google can be helpful here, too, by adding Twitter to your query, e The OR operator will attach to the word that immediately precedes it, very much like order of operations in algebra
Or, can I use Twitter search to find old tweets of one account? However, it is possible to go further and continue our analysis with your Twitter analytics This will search for any tweets that have had videos uploaded directly to Twitter, or tweets containing links to popular video sites such as YouTube, Vine or Vimeo Search for tweets with links Tweets with any kind of link can be searched for using filter:links

How to use advanced search

Using a with the above string returns over 500 tweets within the past 24 hours.

The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Advanced Search
Not only is he quick but his tweets capture events perfectly
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To do this, you can copy the URL for your website or even the URL of a specific piece of content, and search for that inside Twitter
How to Use Twitter Advanced Search Queries for Leads : Social Media Examiner
The tool is like advanced search on Twitter but on steroids
Get this free report and never miss another great article from Social Media Examiner And, of course, From these accounts field listed under the People section is mandatory
Sentiment Analysis One practical way in which you can and should use Twitter advanced search is to conduct a sentiment analysis for your brand Written in Here, you can use the drop-down menu to find tweets that are written in one of 60 different languages

Twitter Advanced Search: Get Desired Tweets Easily

For instance, someone asking questions about an iPhone could be looking for apps, security information, or troubleshooting guides.

Twitter Advanced Search: Get Desired Tweets Easily
Some advanced search operators combination examples: from:username filter:replies You will get only tweets from a user that are replies to other users
Twitter search advanced guide
If we are looking for original tweets we would need to type SocialMedia19 -RT
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Fortunately, Twitter has the option of running advanced searches