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There are total 903 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Delhi including 14 deaths Initial tests indicated 24 of them were already positive when officials moved them out, sending them to state-run quarantine facilities
The number of people infected with the coronavirus stood at 29,434, the health ministry said, a rise of 1,543 over the previous day It was only when Telangana confirmed that six people who had attended the Delhi event had tested positive that an alarm was sounded

Coronavirus cases in India climb towards 30,000; Pakistan mosques a growing worry

Indian police is also trying to reach maximum population to create awareness.

Residents were seen wearing face masks and following the social-distancing
Coronavirus cases in India: Delhi cases rise nearly 3
The aim of the lockdown is to cut the possible human to human transmission and reduce the number of cases
Coronavirus cases in India: Delhi cases rise nearly 3
Flight services are currently closed due to Novel Coronavirus
Eastern time, after wavering between sharper and milder losses This week, the Home Ministry expanded this search to cover Rohingya as well after reports that some of them had also been associated with the Jamaat workers and attended the congregation
Unless there is popular mechanism to enable people to take self-assessment test on a daily basis, it's difficult to identify cases But once they complete their quarantine, the government intends to hand them over to their embassy to deport them

Coronavirus cases in India: Coronavirus India cases total count, total coronavirus cases in India

Back in India, the Jamaat challenge appears to be finally in grips in national capital Delhi where the government has traced down hundreds of more people with links to the Jamaat and sent them to quarantine centres.

Delhi Records Highest Single
The Health Ministry figures are slightly different from these as the data from the different states are still being compiled
So far, 414 people have succumbed to the disease and 1,488 recovered
Coronavirus cases in India and World Live: Covid
He said they had been charged under the penal code, the disaster management law and the Foreigners Act