Hyperx cloud alpha s. HyperX Cloud Alpha S Review

In a battle scene of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, everything sounded slightly more muffled in comparison to the surround sound output Image credit: HyperX The next big addition is the advanced mixer, which controls the volume and can mute the detachable mic
The Cloud Alpha S is very comfortable to wear for extended durations On the plus side, individual sounds—particularly quitier, incidental noises—were easier to make out

HyperX Cloud Alpha S review: the dark mode of PC gaming headsets

I m afraid i will have to give it back to store and maybe buy first Alpha model.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S review: the dark mode of PC gaming headsets
Shots from my gun lacked their original oomph
HyperX Cloud Alpha S Blackout review: New features push this gaming headset to the max
At the same time, all of the sounds turned hollow
HyperX Cloud Alpha S Gaming Headset Review: Airy Fit, Virtual Surround Surround, New Blackout Edition
The Cloud Alpha S is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable headphones I have used, and quality that HyperX delivers is, as usual, very good
I thought that the bass sliders might help, but on the lowest level, I couldn't hear bass at all; on the highest level, I could barely hear it, but only if I knew in advance what I was listening for All of the ambient sounds came rushing in; I could seemingly hear a pin drop in an adjacent room
Things are a bit more familiar under the hood Im a bit disappointed of this fact

HyperX Cloud Alpha S review

The audio was never distorted even at louder volumes.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S
Or maybe I just got a defective product? The first thing I noticed when sliding on the Cloud Alpha S was how lightweight it felt
HyperX Cloud Alpha S
It even has custom-tuned HyperX virtual 7
HyperX Cloud Alpha S review: the dark mode of PC gaming headsets
It's an interesting idea: Rather than adjusting the bass digitally, you can physically open a small piece of the headset and give the bass driver more or less room to reverberate