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The real Grace Sobiech appears as a high school student early on in the film while the real Amy Adamle appears along with Madison Iseman at the dance studio 108• 106• as Sammy Brown, Zach's best friend• The day arrives and despite Zach's worsening condition, he decides to go perform anyway
He has a collapsed lung and emergency surgery is performed on him Most of it was filmed in and in , Canada

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With Zach having been given the opportunity to play at the Metro Theatre, they decide to combine the concert with prom, a graduation, and a fundraiser for osteosarcoma
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Clouds (2020 film)
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In the winter of 2012, Zach and his family go to , , in Laura's desperate attempt at Zach having some sort of miracle Zach returns home to hang out with Sammy "Coffee Cup" and learns that she has bought tickets to a concert
After having convulsions, Zach goes to Sammy's house in the middle of the night demanding that they form a band Zach speaks privately to his mother about how to handle his remains and his funeral, suggesting bagpipes be played

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as Alli Sobiech, Zach's older sister• Seventy of Zach's friends and family members cameo during the crowd shots during the Jason Mraz concert and the concert at the end of the film
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Zach decides to use the opportunity to ask Amy out to prom and she accepts ""